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X01 Eagle AXS DUB Shifting Groupset 170mm Crank Boost w/o Bottom Bracket black/rainbow

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    • black/rainbow
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SRAM X01 Eagle AXS DUB Shifting Groupset 170mm Crank Boost w/o Bottom Bracket black/rainbow

Riders haven’t asked for this product, because it was never possible before. SRAM didn’t employ the magic of wireless electronics for effect either. They engineered hardware with a new ergonomic experience based on touching a button rather than pushing a lever. Giving you faster, more consistent shifts. Letting you shift when you want, under load, without ever having to plan around terrain. Gathering useful data, telling you how many shifts have been made, how frequently each cog is being used, helping you make smarter choices on chainring size, and more. But just as important as what Eagle AXS can do is how simply it does it. With intuitive and refined practicality. Built for the rider. Not the buzz. A day before the most brutal round of the Enduro World Series, Mitch Ropelato installed X01 Eagle AXS on his race bike. After 3,600 m of descending at race-pace and some derailleur-to-rock contact that should have ended his day, this is all he said: “I never want to ride anything else.”

Eagle is a complete drivetrain system that was developed to be an integrated high-performance ecosystem. The engineering and testing that went into the development provide for maximum performance, safety, and long-term durability to ensure a great consumer ride experience. SRAM guarantees this performance when Eagle drivetrains are used as a complete ecosystem. The incredible Eagle AXS shifting performance makes the difference. Shifting under load, in rough terrain, uphill and without having to reach around. Eagle AXS changes the level of control for shifting in the toughest conditions. But more than that, it changes the relationship to your bike.

Eagle AXS Controller
No shift cables, sleeves or wires - the Eagle AXS Controller opens up new design and technical possibilities. This enables a completely new shifting experience with new, ergonomic touch points that require extremely low operating forces. Touchpoints that can be fully adapted to your individual needs. With the AXS App you can assign all AXS controllers to one of the three desired functions: Shift up, shift down or operate the Reverb AXS Dropper Post. The first touch wakes the controller from power saving mode.

Eagle AXS rear derailleur
The Eagle AXS rear derailleur is more than a mechanical rear derailleur with battery and motor - it is the hub of the entire AXS system. If set up correctly, it shifts even quieter, more precisely and thus ensures even better durability. In contrast to the mechanical version, the AXS rear derailleur has a shorter cage, which provides 10 mm more ground clearance and more chain wrapping on the cassette. Shifting operations can be carried out abruptly at the touch of a button, even under the chain load of World Cup athletes.

The Eagle AXS rear derailleur is so intelligent that it protects itself from external influences with its incredibly strong overload clutch. In the event of an impact, the motor gearbox switches off and the rear derailleur can move freely. It then immediately returns to its previous position to ensure a seamless riding experience. The Overload Clutch is used to protect the rear derailleur motor. It also protects the rear derailleur and derailleur hanger from damage. A very helpful side effect.

The AXS App
The AXS App is the mobile component software that lets you program and personalize Eagle AXS according to your preferences. The app lets you customize controller assignments for shift commands and your electronic reverb seat post directly from your mobile phone. Turn your left controller up or down. Assign your AXS-enabled reverb a button that's most intuitive for you. For the first time, AXS gives the rider the digital freedom to freely customize, personalize and enhance the operation. So you can create your own Eagle AXS "fingerprint".

Aggressive trail and enduro riders have been increasingly enjoying the benefits of larger wheels, but many still view 27.5" and 29" wheels as a possible weak link. Which is why SRAM has developed an open standard with Boost compatible components for SRAM drivetrain, hubs and RockShox forks, which essentially allows to build broader, stiffer and stronger wheels.

The new SRAM DUB bottom bracket series has a simple job—connect your crankarms and protect the smooth, long-lasting application of power to your drivetrain. To allow that singular focus, SRAM engineered the DUB spindle to be the one true unifying component. One oversized spindle to work across every bottom bracket standard. For better crankarm compatibility. For better protection from the elements. For longer-lasting performance. To be stronger, smoother, simpler. Now, back to the ride.


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  • Rostfri stålmontering
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All mountain/Enduro, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro
Bakväxel, Växelreglage, Vev, Kassett, Kedja, Batteri / Elektronisk växel
Växelförare 1x utlösare inkl. Klämma, 1x vevhus (utan bottenfäste) Kedja: 1x kassett, 1x laddare, 1x Chaingap verktyg för montering
X01 Eagle AXS
Framväxel: 1-deladBakväxel: 12-växlad
Modell: Medium
Gradering fram (tänder): 32
Gradering bak (tänder): 10-50
Kompatibel: Elektronisk
X01 Eagle AXS DUB, 170 mm, Boost
32Z DM chainring, silver
Derailleur X01 Eagle AXS, Svart 12-delad
Trigger X01 Eagle AXS, bakre, Svart 12-delad inklusive klämma
Kassett XG-1295, 10-50T, 12-delad
Kedja X01 Eagle, 12-delad 126 länkar, Rainbow färgval
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