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SRAM Red eTap HRD Tillbehör 2x11 Flatmount svart

22 195 kr
15 725 kr
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Tyvärr finns det ingen svensk produktbeskrivning än, men vi jobbar på det.

SRAM RED eTap shift/brake levers for hydraulic road bike disc brakes
Without wires or cables Sram could develop a solution for easier shifting. Now this intuitive simplicity of SRAM RED eTap is also available with the added power of hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes. The SRAM RED eTap hydraulic disc brake shift/brake lever for road bikes combines the world's best wireless drive with our most advanced HydroHC technology for hydraulic road bike disc brakes to date. Easier shifting and better braking - in the name of true progress. Thanks to leading thermal management technologies - thermal insulation, insulated aluminium pistons and a larger brake lining surface - HydroHC further improves the already impressive thermal management properties of HydroR. Reaction-fast grip feel for better control with easy lever stroke with clear pressure point and quick return to the starting position.

SRAM RED eTap rear derailleur
Mechanical necessities like the carbon cage, the ceramic cam bearings and anodized aluminum artfully blend with proprietary electronic progress and deliver a small shifting miracle. 

SRAM RED eTap front derailleur
The SRAM Yaw technology finally puts an end to the annoying trimming of the front derailleur. The SRAM RED eTAP derailleur shifts wirelessly, quickly and reliably. The eTAP gear lever automatically optimises the regulation of the Yaw front derailleur over the entyre gear range.

SRAM RED eTap charger
eTap batteries can literally be removed with a click. Open the shutter without tools, push the battery up and out of the rear derailleur and insert it into the USB charger. You can connect the charger to any USB-enabled power source or connect to the mains using an A/C USB adapter. The charging time is only 45 minutes.

Wireless shifting, energy management of batteries and mechatronics - the RED eTAP technology serves one goal: to offer you the most intuitive operation possible. SRAM designates the shifting logic behind it as eTAP. The right lever shifts into the larger gear, the left lever into the smaller gear. The chainrings you can control über both levers. Simple, smooth and intuitive.

Etap transmits the shifting signals with 128-bit encryption using SRAM's proprietary wireless protocol AIREA. If an eTap group is configured, a new encryption key is generated each time and assigned to the individual components. This ensures trouble-free shifting processes.

DOT 5.1
heat is the enemy of every braking system. Better heat management also makes your journey much safer. SRAM have found that DOT 5.1 takes three times longer than DOT 4 to reach boiling point. This ensures smooth and never-ending braking power under even more extreme conditions.

Double Tap
With DoubleTap you can switch more easily and faster, because the cumbersome and unnatural movement that was required with two lever systems no longer exists. DoubleTap shifts up and down in a short, slight movement. Minimal effort and maximum comfort, no matter where your hands are on the handlebars.

ZeroLoss stands for "zero loss". If you use the gear lever to shift up or down one gear, the gear change will start immediately, resulting in zero motion loss. There is no more idle time waiting for the gear to engage. The gear is changed immediately and precisely.

Växel-/Bromsreglage, Växelkabel, Framväxel, Batteri / Elektronisk växel, Broms(ar), Bromsskiva(or), Bromskabel /-vajer
Incl. charger, USB stick/ excl. adapter  
Framväxel: 2-delad
Bakväxel: 11-delad
Modell: Kort  
Kompatibel: Elektronisk  
Användningsområde: Hydraulisk skivbroms  
Total capacity (max.): 28 tooth  
SRAM Red 22 Flat Mount  
SRAM Centerline X  
Skivbroms: 6-håls
Diameter bromsskiva fram: 160 mm
Diameter bromsskiva bak: 160 mm
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