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RockShox SID XX WC SA Suspension Fork 27.5" 100mm tapered X-Loc Sprint white

ID: 404702
13 405 kr
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RockShox has redesigned the rebound piston to accommodate the Dig-Valve. It provides optimum control for the low and high speed compression stages and carefully regulates the oil flow so that the driver always has the right suspension and shock absorption. The newly developed piston allows the use of Rapid Recovery, a rebound setting that allows the damper to return to its original position more quickly after successive impacts - for better traction and a more controlled ride.

Power Bulge

If you need more strength in your forearms for better control, hit the gym. If you want to make your suspension fork more durable however, you can do that with the Power Bulge. Other manufacturers simply increase the stanchion size, adding extra weight. Power Bulge, on the other hand, simply reinforces the fork legs for extra-large guidance. This increases stiffness and ensures maximum riding comfort. Besides, it's Power Bulge.

Rapid Recovery
Who doesn't want more available wheel travel for successive hits? Thanks to the Rapid Recovery System, the damper returns to its original position more quickly after successive strokes, allowing the wheel to grip the ground more precisely. This more active damping system won’t fail and provides a ride with higher and softer spring hardness. With Rapid Recovery, the rider benefits from greater suspension travel for a smoother and more controlled ride on every shot. Solo Air
Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. The enlightened design allows the positive and negative air chambers of your suspension forks to be filled with air simultaneously via just one car valve. So there is a perfect balance between them, like Yin and Yang. For a comfortable and predictable ride, you can adjust the lightest suspension fork on the market in seconds.

X-Loc Sprint
With opposable thumbs you can do pretty cool things. One can rule over all animals of this earth, sit at the top of the food chain and even invent the (bicycle) wheel. And now they're even helping us control the track. This hydraulic lockout system provides a fully sealed and reliable lockout control that can be operated with a single thumb from a single easily accessible button. Press to unlock, press again to lock. It's that simple. So the next time you're on the track, remember all the things those two thumbs did for you.
Max storlek på bromsskiva 200mm
Justerbar dämpning, Lockout, Passar för avsmalnande huvudrör
Fjädrande framgaffel
Lämplig för hjulstorlek: 27,5 Tum
Diameter gaffelrör: 1 1/8 -> 1.5 (tapered) Tum
Axeltyp: QR axel
Diameter axel: 15 mm
Fjädring: 100 mm
Typ: Olja/Luft  
Bromstyp: Disc (Post Mount)  
Vertikalt rör: 32 mm Aluminium
Nedsänkt rör: Magnesium
Gaffelrör: Kolfiber
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