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Lupine Wilma RX 14 Headlight

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Lupine Wilma RX 14 Headlight

With 3200 lumens, even at the highest pace and in the most difficult conditions you will detect every obstacle on your way. No matter how extreme your activity becomes - the Wilma headlamp makes it possible.

Product features - FL1 Standard
IP 68 (water resistance) and IK 09 (impact resistance): The Wilma X meets the highest industry standards. The FL1 standard is an ANSI/NEMA standard to make product specifications from different lamp manufacturers comparable.

A new lamp
Lupine have completely revised their proven Wilma. Its high-quality aluminium body is now even more robust, even more beautiful and, above all, even more functional. More cooling fins, more accessories, new quick-releases for mounting on bars and a new, even more comfortable headband - all this and more makes the current generation of Wilma your perfect companion for every crazy night.

A new night
Incredible 3200 lumens, that's brighter than a conventional car headlight. So much power and a perfectly balanced light image allow you to pursue any activity at night, no matter how fast, extreme or difficult. No matter whether you want to master the descent of your life while skiing or push your mountain bike to its limits. The light of Wilma knows none.

Total control - with Bluetooth
There are situations where you want to point a finger to your head - but you don't have to. With the newly integrated Bluetooth module, you no longer control the Piko R just by pressing the button directly on the lamp head, but now also by Bluetooth remote control or free mobile phone app.

Individually adjustable
With the Wilma lamp head you have 10 different dimming levels and numerous additional functions such as SOS, FLASH, RVLR or the Alpine emergency signal at your disposal. With a single push on a key you can switch between the levels, display the remaining battery life or combine up to 4 light levels in any order and create your own personal light program.

Battery technology
The Wilma RX14 comes with a 13,8 Ah SmartCore battery. It displays the remaining capacity of your battery at the touch of a button and provides your lamp with the necessary power. You can carry the SmartCore battery of the Wilma headlamp in your backpack or simply in your pocket.

One for all
With Wilma, you don't just have a headlamp. You have a lamphead - your lamphead for all occasions. A few simple steps turn your helmet into a headlamp. You can mount it to bars with a quick release or use the mount of your helmet camera with a GoPro adapter. The versatile mounting systems offer you the right mount for every application.


  • SOS-signal, Alpine nödsignal, RVLR
  • Batterikapacitetsindikator via 5 Hyper-Red LED
  • Kalibrering på via Lexan touchscrenn
  • Batteri
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Klättring, Isklättring, Via Ferrata, Mountaineering, Vandring, Alpin skidåkning, Alpin skidåkning - Freeride, Längdskidåkning, Skridskor, Topptur, Snowboarding, Snöskor, Vandringscamping, Trailrunning, Asfaltslöpning
Typ: PannlampaAnvändningsområde: Bergsport, CampingEnergikälla: Batteri
Ljuslängd: 300 mLjuststyrka: 3200 lmLjuslägen: 10Brinntid: 3.2-310
Lampa / Lykta
Prestanda: 28
Antal LED-lampor: 4Hållare: Pannband
Vikt: 430 g
Ingår i leveransen: Pannlampa Wilma R, Bluetooth-radio, radiohållare, 13,8 Ah SmartCore-batteri, pannband, 120 cm förlängning, laddare Wiesel, påse M, instruktioner
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