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Lupine SL BF Bosch StVZO Cykellampa Montering på Bosch-skärmen (2019)

ID: 906462
3 355 kr
inkl. skatt, Fri frakt
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The SL F and the Bosch display (Intuvia/Nyon) as if made of one piece.
The sensor-controlled daytime running light and glare-free 900 lumen dipped beam light bring you safely through road traffic at any time of the day. At the touch of a button, you unleash the 1300 lumen high beam and fire your e-bike over challenging trails.

Light for every situation
Twilight sets in and the SL automatically switches from daytime running light to dipped beam and shows you the way through road traffic without glare and safely. Outside the city, you press the button on your remote control and unleash a full 1300 lumens of high beam.

Low beam
The dipped beam of the SL is designed after the model of a car headlamp and is absolutely glare-free for oncoming road users.

High beam
The 1300 lumen high beam of the SL F is not simply a more powerful dipped beam. At the touch of a button, the entire light image changes and illuminates an additional area far above the glare-free cut-off line: perfect for fast journeys and demanding trails.

A carpet of light
In contrast to other StVZO-approved bicycle lighting systems, the SL F's light image is not limited to a small strip but conjures up a wide and homogeneous carpet of light directly in front of your front wheel.

Who doesn't know it: It's night, the road is clear, you turn on the high beam and accelerate. This is exactly the feeling the SL F brings to your bike. With the wired remote control, specially developed for e-bikes, you can blend up and down in fractions of a second.

Caution: it's bright
As with a car, it really annoys everyone who comes towards you when you forget to turn off your high beam. That's why the push button icon is green or blue, depending on whether your SL is in low beam or high beam mode.

Sensor controlled daytime running light
The adjustable stereo sensor system scans your ambient light and switches your SL from daytime running light to low beam in time. At the same time, the sensors enable the high beam function. The daytime running light of the StVZO models is continuously supported by the main headlight.

Light. Years ahead.
At the heart of the Lupine SL F are 18 Osram Compact CL Automotive LEDs and the world's first Dual Aspheric Lens System for bicycle lamps. The material used for the lenses is extremely weather-resistant and is also used in aviation and medical technology. The extremely robust and high-quality aluminium body reliably protects the SL F from shocks, dust and water.

Pushbutton on lamphead
You control the SL F with your remote control, or directly via the display of your e-bike. On the underside of the lamp head, however, you'll find an additional button to turn the lamp on or off.


  • Size: 49x50x58mm
  • Material: CNC milled, aluminium 6061-T6, shot peen, hard anodised/ polycarbonate
  • Lens: 26° Dual Aspheric Lens System
  • Ambient temperature: -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Light levels: Daytime running light, low beam, high beam
Lamptyp: LED
Lampdetaljer: 18x Osram Compact CL
Ljusintensitet: 900 lm
Räckvidd: 230 m
Utformad för elcyklar
Strömkälla: Elcykel  
Lampor för dagtid, Automatisk påslagning
IP 68 (vattentäthet), IK 09 (slagmotstånd)  
Verktygslös montering: Nej  
Godkänd av StVZO  
95  g
Inkluderar: Montering
Ingår i leveransen: Light cable Bosch, SL B Holder Bosch Display, SL Holder screw, SL F Cable switch E-Bike
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