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LINKA Elektroniskt Ramlås Cykellås 152mm silver (2019)

ID: 712978
1 765 kr
inkl. skatt, Fri frakt
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LINKA is an extremely robust bicycle lock that is firmly attached to the frame - developed and designed for daily cycling. Lock your bike at the touch of a button - as soon as you approach, the LINKA opens automatically and warns you if someone is tampering with your bike. The app saves all activities.

Pair your LINKA lock with your smartphone and you're ready to go. Fast, reliable and easy

- Specially developed radio antenna for maximum range
- Bluetooth 4.0 with wide coverage
-Range: up to 120 m radius
- Encryption: AES Public Key
- Certificates: CE, IC, FCC

Sensors & Acoustic signals
-Triple-axis accelerometer (for unwanted wheel movement)
- Temperature sensor detects attack attempts from freezing and melting
110+ dB siren sounds during tamper attempts
-LED display

System compatibility
- Apple iOS 8+
- Android 4.0+


  • Dimensions: 134 mm wide, 152 mm wide, 33 mm deep
  • Battery life: Up to 16 months (depending on use) Average: 7-8 months
  • Battery type: Lithione-ion polymer
  • Charging connector: Micro-USB 2.0
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Salt spray test confirms highest corrosion resistance
  • Functional at temperatures from -20 °C to +65 °C
  • Water protection class IP56
Aluminiumshus, 9 mm härdat stålfäste  
Maximal säkerhet  
635  g
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1 stjärna
Think twice before buying

This lock works and the battery life is excellent however there are pros and cons. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew what I know now so I'll list a summary: 1- It's heavy. I have a cyclocross which is not a pro and not exactly entry and I use it to commute every day so the weight wouldn't bother me so much 2- The screws only work for standard bikes so any other bike has to use plastic straps. In both cases it's not that secure when it can be easily unscrewed and taken together with the wheel but works for short breaks in the city 3- The app is not that good. It consumes too much battery, its connection sucks so you should run it again when you want to connect. Also long range bluetooth only works without physical barrier. For example if you move to another room the connection is lost so don't count on it 4- It blocks other upgrades for example I had to buy a mud guard that would fit together with this lock and the mud guard that I really wanted didn't In short, it's really good and convenient for a city commuter with frequent stops but not worth it for long ride or someone who only commutes to and from work with 2 stops a day

Martin Falkman

I have had the Linka lock for a couple of weeks now and use it every day. It works well. The auto-unlock feature is not 100% so i mostly use the app to unlock and that works well. It's great to get rid of the physical keys and to have a lock with alarm feature.

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