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HAIBIKE Xduro HardSeven Carbon 8.0 Elcykel MTB Hardtail 27,5" svart

37 985 kr
inkl. skatt, Fri frakt
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The legendary Xduro Seven / Nine series offers a unique range of ePerformance mountain bikes with suspension travel of up to 120 mm for light and medium terrain. The Xduro models give you the choice between carbon or aluminum framed bikes, as well as standard or new Plus tire widths.


Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit
The Bosch Performance CX has been specially optimized for sporty use. The motor delivers a constant maximum torque of up to 75 Nm up even to a high speed range. The motor offers an impressive maximum torque of 75 Nm. The “Direct Flow” technique also guarantees powerful support in the lower cadence levels. Trail Control offers a dynamic power management system, that allows the rider to choose the optimum support level (50-300%) for the terrain they are riding, their riding style, and the distance they are looking to cover. “Shift detection” protects your chain by cutting off the torque from the motor during shifting for smooth gear changes.

Bosch Intuvia Display
A computer and control element: the proven Bosch Intuvia display is easy to read and offers many functions and information to the rider. The Intuvia display tells the rider: actual, average and maximum speed, day trip and total distance, the time, trip time and total operating time of the bike, and motor performance. The remote control is located on the left of the handlebars and all display features and support modes can be selected safely while driving without taking your hands off the handlebars. The stable display base ensures a secure fit even under tough conditions.

UD-Carbon Frame
As one of the first manufacturers in the ePerformance market using carbon as a frame material, HAIBIKE benefits from the years of experience making performance bike frames. While riding HAIBIKE carbon bikes, athletes have conquered numerous European and World Championship titles, including an Olympic silver medal.
On Xduro carbon frames every frame component (except for the SkidPlate) is made out of carbon. Each piece is handmade so the carbon fibers are aligned parallel via a specified plan that follows the subsequent stress directions (unidirectional laminate). This concept allows HAIBIKE to exploit the tensile strength of the carbon fibers to create areas with particularly high stiffness and others with more flex.
The result is a heavy-duty frame that converts every ounce of energy into propulsion. The low frame weights significantly reduce the total weight of the bikes.

Full Carbon Interface
Normally the Bosch motor is mounted via adapters or holder plates to the carbon frame, which increases the weight, the size and increases tolerances. For this reason, HAIBIKE developed the Full Carbon Concept that elegantly solves all three problems. The motor is directly screwed to the carbon frame, without using additional adapters. HAIBIKE consciously avoided metal cores in the interface and designed a carbon interface. The result is a mount that optimally transmits force into the frame, reducing the weight and the space required, while increasing both stability and precision.

Conventional eBike motors sit low in the frame and run the risk of being damaged by strikes to the underside of your bike. In 2012 HAIBIKE introduced the SkidPlate, a simple protective element that effectively protects the motor from below. Similar to a helmet, the SkidPlate protects the motor from damage and is strong enough to absorb even the hardest of strikes that would otherwise damage the motor. HAIBIKE uses a special, impact-resistant plastic that is able to perfectly distribute force and withstand deformation of its shape. Unlike metal, which would bend permanently, plastic springs back to its original state. The paint color conceals scratches and damages, and if necessary the SkidPlate can be replaced easily and inexpensively.

Typ E-Bike 25 km/h
Syfte E-Mountainbike Hardtail
Ram Stötdämpare: Utan dämpning | Modell: MTB Hardtail Ram | Materialtyp: carbone | Material: carbone | Andra kännetecken: Gravity Casting, hydroformad, Boost-insticksaxel, PM-bromsfästen, insticksaxel
Motor Märke: Bosch | Modell: Performance CX | Typ: Vevlagermotor | Prestanda: 250 watt
Batteri Modell: Bosch Power Pack | Typ: Litiumjon | Energimängd: 500 | Prestanda: 36/13,4 Volt/Ah Volt/Ah | Laddningstid: 4 - 5 hours | Batterimontering: Rambatteri
Skärm Bosch Intuvia
Laddare Modell: Bosch snabbladdare 4A | Spänning: 220-240 Volt
Gaffel Modell: Suspension fork | Märke: Suntour | Typ: Axon RL-R, Luft, avsmalnande, insticksaxel
Fjädrande framgaffel Fjäderväg: 100 mm
Växel Växeltyp: Derailleur | Antal växlar: 11 | Märke: Sram | Typ: NX
Växelreglage Märke: Sram | Typ: NX
Vevparti Typ: SRAM X-Sync kedjedrev, Plus 16 tänder
Kedja Märke: Sram | Typ: PC1110
Kassett Märke: Sram | Klinga/Klingor: 11 - 42 teeth | Typ: PG1130
Frambroms Märke: Tektro | Typ: Gemini | Bromssystem: Hydraulisk skivbroms | Diameter bromsskivor: 203 mm
Bakbroms Märke: Tektro | Typ: Gemini | Bromssystem: Hydraulisk skivbroms | Diameter bromsskivor: 180 mm
Bromshandtag Märke: Tektro | Typ: Gemini M500
Styre Märke: Haibike | Typ: TheBar ++, 740mm | Material: Aluminium
Handtag XLC skruvmejsel Sport
Styrstam Märke: Haibike | Typ: TheStem ++, 31.8mm, 6° | Modell: A-Head | Material: Aluminium
Styrsats FSA No. 42/55 A-Head
Sadel Xduro Light MTB
Sadelstolpe Modell: Integrated Post | Diameter: 31.6 mm | Typ: Haibike Components TheSeatpost ++ | Material: aluminium
Framnav Märke: XLC | Typ: Evo Disc, 15x100 axel
Baknav Märke: XLC | Typ: Evo Disc, 12x142 axel
Hjulstorlek 27,5 Inch
Fälg Märke: Rodi | Typ: Ready25 | Material: Aluminium | Modell: Dyna
Ekrar DT Swiss Industry, Svart
Framdäck Märke: Schwalbe | Typ: Rocket Ron, vikbar | Storlek: 27.5 Inch | Däckbredd: 57 mm
Bakdäck Märke: Schwalbe | Typ: Rocket Ron, vikbar | Storlek: 27.5 Inch | Däckbredd: 57 mm
Pedaler XLC Freeride plattformspedal
Inkluderar inklusive pedaler: ja
Vikt 20.3 approx. kg
Totalvikt 120 approx. kg
Kön Unisex
modellår 2017
Produktnummer 537711
Produktomdömen 0
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