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Fulcrum Red Zone 7 Wheelset MTB 29" TL Ready Shimano CL black/red

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    • black/red
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Fulcrum Red Zone 7 Wheelset MTB 29" TL Ready Shimano CL black/red

Red Zone 7 are the MTB wheels that represent entry into the Fulcrum world. Reliable and genuine, these wheels are meticulously built and able to adapt to the most varied contexts. Red Zone 7s are aluminium Cross Country-Marathon wheels that perform well both as training wheels or when alternated with racing wheelsets. Reliable and honest, carefully designed and adaptable to a wide range of situations, the Red Zone 7 aluminium wheels are ideal for cross-country marathons. They want to prove themselves both as training wheels that alternate with the race set, but are also suitable for those who want to get closer to the world of mountain biking with material that has more to offer.

One hub fits all
A solution that meets the need to quickly and easily adapt to the various axle standards on the market.
Different adapters make it possible in just a few steps for the wheel to be ready for mounting on your own bike.

Wide Rim Tech
The Fulcrum R&D department worked according to the wishes of the racing teams to create rims with a larger width than in the past, starting at about 4 mm more than the previous ones. This technical choice makes it possible to offer the ideal support base for 25/28 mm tyres, the sizes preferred today. In this way, stability, optimum handling and high comfort are guaranteed.

Plasma freehub
The plasma treatment makes the aluminium particularly hard and resistant to abrasion and surface wear. This made it possible to reduce material thicknesses to a minimum, all to the advantage of weight, while maintaining durability and reliability.

2Way - Fit Ready (MTB)
This procedure allows the Red Zone 500-700 and Red Fire 500 wheels, designed for use with air chambers, to be converted to tubeless ready wheels, i.e. without air chambers and with the mandatory use of a tyre sealant. In order to ensure correct conversion of the wheels, it’s essential to follow the procedure below using the components listed below:

Fulcrum Valve:
Code M1-035

Fulcrum Rubber Ring:
Width 30 mm / 29 '' for Red Zone Series
Width 35 mm / 27.5'' for Red Fire 500

Tyre Sealant:
Effetto Mariposa (Butterfly Effect): Coffee latex

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Cross Country/Långlopp
Bakhjul 12x142, Framhjul 15x100
Genomgående axel
Material: AluminiumModell: Ihålig kammareProfilhöjd: Låg (<30 mm)Höjd: 20Däcktyp: Kanttråd/ClincherBromstyp: SkivbromsVentil: 6,5 mmBredd: 23 mmInnerbredd: 17 mmStorlek: 29 TumETRTO (Bredd x Diameter): 17 - 622
Inbyggnadsbredd (mm): 100 mmAxeldiameter (mm): 15 mmAntal ekrar: 28Egenskaper: För insticksaxel, Förseglad
Monteringsbredd: 142 mmAxeldiameter: 12 mmAntal ekrar: 28Egenskaper: Förseglad, För insticksaxel
Material: Rostfritt stålModell: Rund profil, straight pull
Konstruerad för bromstyp: Skivbroms Center Lock
Konstruerad för bromstyp: Skivbroms Center Lock
Total vikt: 1860 gMax. lastvikt: 109 kg
Ingår i leveransen: 1 Fulcrum Red Zone 7 LRS MTB 29" TL ready Shimano CL incl. QR och bakhjul 12 x 135 QR
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