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Racing Zero Wheelset Road 28" HG 8-11-speed Disc CL Clincher TL svart

ID: 1207188

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Fulcrum Racing Zero Wheelset Road 28" HG 8-11-speed Disc CL Clincher TL svart

The original Racing Zero, an absolute benchmark among high-level aluminium wheels. With the unmistakable character that is well known to everyone, the absolute ability to transfer your energy to the asphalt, its extreme steering precision. Exceptional performance and aesthetics make this wheel a benchmark for cyclists. The "Zero" have become a synonym for excellent results, quality, performance, reliability, race after race! The technical solutions, the materials and the geometry of the wheel make it an ideal competition partner. 

RDB Rim Dynamic Balance
The concept is simple and ingenious: balance the mass of the rim joint with an equal mass positioned exactly opposite each other. 

USB - Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings
Fulcrum has always been respected for the extreme smoothness and reliability of its hubs. These characteristics are due to the fact that all the products are developed in the R&D department and every detail is given almost fanatical attention. The hubs with USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings further increase the smoothness of the wheels and reduce weight and maintenance. 

2:1 Two-To-One
The moment when the rider pedals with full force, the rotation of the sprocket package causes the spokes on the freewheel to give way and the rim to lose tension. This causes an excessive bending of the whole wheel and inevitably means a loss of energy. Fulcrum has solved this classic problem in cycling with its patent 2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio, i.e. by doubling the number of spokes in the critical areas. 

DRSC - Directionated Rim-Spoke Coupling
A system as simple as it is effective, created both by the expertise of Fulcrum's technicians and by carefully monitoring the results of the tests carried out daily on the wheels. A system as simple as it is effective, created both by the expertise of the Fulcrum technicians and by the careful monitoring of the results of the tests carried out daily on the wheels. Thanks to this, it was possible to establish that the forces acting on the sides of the wheel and thus on the spokes differ greatly from one another, but the differences between the front and rear wheels are also evident and significant. The front wheel must remain stable even when braking with the left-hand disc, while the rear wheel must make room for the sprocket set and compensate for the power drive on the chain side. 

What is MoMag? - A magnet and a lot of expertise. This is how the patent for the tested "Mounting Magnet" system, MoMag, was created. 

Anti-Rotation System
This new system takes the concept of the storage system to a new level of performance. Fulcrum's engineers have redesigned the spokes and hub housings to create a strong and solid unit. 
This way, the spokes:

a) never lose their initial tension and the wheel remains perfectly responsive and centered, and
b) remain in the position developed in the wind tunnel to ensure the best possible aerodynamics. 

F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% HANDMADE QUALITY
Fulcrum has been characterized by a continuous approach since its inception: planning, prototype development and industrialization of all wheels with the red "F". Each individual wheel component, the materials selected and the technologies used are the tangible result of Fulcrum's daily efforts to offer you maximum performance and reliability. 

A guarantee of quality - The key word for Fulcrum products is traceability. If you find a small white sticker on your Fulcum components, please do not remove it. This label is there to give you the guarantee that your component or wheel is traceable. All this because Fulcum, true to its corporate mission, always demands absolute perfection for its products and safety for its customers. 

Plasma freehub
The plasma treatment makes the aluminium particularly hard and resistant to abrasion and surface wear. This made it possible to reduce material thicknesses to a minimum, all to the advantage of weight, while maintaining durability and reliability.

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Landsväg, Aero, Endurance
Bakhjul 10x130, Framhjul 9x100
Genomgående axel
Material: CarbonModell: Ihålig kammareProfilhöjd: Låg (<30 mm)Däcktyp: Kanttråd/ClincherBromstyp: SkivbromsSlagfrikompatibel: jaBredd: 22.5 mmInnerbredd: 17 mmStorlek: 28 Tum
Inbyggnadsbredd (mm): 100 mm mmAxeldiameter (mm): 9 mm mmAntal ekrar: 16Material: Carbon hub body with oversized aluminium flankEgenskaper: För insticksaxel, Förseglade lager
Material: Aluminiumnavkropp, Oversized AluminiumflankarMonteringsbredd: 130 mmAxeldiameter: 10 mmAntal ekrar: 21Egenskaper: För insticksaxel, Förseglade lager
Material: AluminumModell: Aero, straight pull
Konstruerad för bromstyp: Skivbroms Center Lock
Konstruerad för bromstyp: Skivbroms Center Lock
Total vikt: 1495 gMax. lastvikt: 109 kg
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